Monday, June 14, 2010

Trash to treasure

Hai friends today i am coming with different.Its not recipe.2 weeks back i took prasadam in ziploc box in the temple my box was missed after some some time i saw my box i think its ok i got my box.I came home and saw it was broken so i got one idea to reuse this in another way.See how i use this.I think u guys know but since i want share my idea with u guys.

I use this to grow some plants in it.Now i used to grow methi in that box.

I hope u guys like it.


  1. hey great..waste out of best..i usually grow methi leaves in aluminium trays from dollar shop...nice idea....

  2. Thats really wonderful Vineela..awesome work..

  3. Nice way to reduce reuse and recycle.