Sunday, June 20, 2010

Paala Gunda Minjulu

Hai friends today i am coming with sweet because of Father's Day.Tha name of the sweet is "Minjulu".This sweet is made of Some kind of Paalagunda we called it as Jaipur Paalagunda.I dont know actual name in English.We called it as Jaipur Paalagunda.This sweet cools the body.We used to prepare some liquid that i post it later.Ok lets go to the recipe.


Paala Gunda-1 cup
Sugar-3/4 cup
Milk-3 cups
Cashew pieces-few(We mostly add the coconut pieces i dont have the coconut pieces so i use cashew)


First we have to soak the Paala gunda for 1 hour.
After 1 hour the dirt water remove the water and some more waterand mix well .
After that we have to strain the water in the colander and remove the mud.
In the mean time we have to boil the milk.
When it is boiling we have to add the sugar and cashew pieces mix well.
Then slowly mix the paalagunda here we have mix continously otherwise it forms lumps.
Within 2 minutes the mixture gets thick now switch off the heat and keep it aside.
Now take the damp cloth and just apply ghee.
Take the spoon ful of mixture and place on the damp cloth as shown in the pic.
Do all the mixture like this.
After 30 minutes or 1 hour we have to make it rest.
Then with the help of the spatula we have to take out the minjulu .
Arrange all in the serving plate as shown in the pic.Chill this minjulu in the refrigerator.
This can be served in chilled or at room temparature.

This is my husbands and My Father  favourite sweet.So i prepare this on behalf of Father's Day.

To left to right My brother,My Father and My Husband
''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''HAPPY FATHER'S DAY''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Hai friends most of the comments i got about Palagunda .What is it what actually i too dont know the exact name we all used to call Jaipur Paalagunda..I think 2 weeks back i saw in aayisrecipes about this there we can get some what information.I search in the google then i got lot of information about Paalagunda.This is called Arrowroot.


  1. Very new to me & very interesting.....but can't understand the ingredient Paala gunda.Where do we get this in USA?What is it called?

  2. hi vineela...munjulu looks so natural like real tathi munjulu...i really miss them ...i never used palagunda in this way ...where u get this powder ??

  3. Is Paala gunda and dried Junnu is same vineela ?

  4. Vineela nice dish and interesting.. what is this paala gunda made of? Wonderful sweet and wish to know more about the new ingredient dear.

  5. Thats a lovely post for fathers day :) The sweet is really new to me and sounds very interesting :)

  6. Very very new recipe and sounds super cool (i mean decliious). But, what is pala gunda? In telugu pala gunda means milk powder, but I see something like cubes, so please explain.

  7. Vineela munjilu sweet looks exactly like the Thati Munjulu.What a perfect replica of a fruit.Pala gunda is new to me too where do we get it and by what name?Do let me know.

  8. I have been looking for Paala munjilu recipe. Thanks. Nice!!

  9. hi
    i know this recipe.its a good body coolant.but i think this palagunda is mostly available towards orissa.

  10. Hi nice post,

    Is Palagunda in English "ARROWROOT"? Where do we get this in INDIA and USA

  11. thank you for linking healthy haven't had before

  12. Totally different for me & very simple

  13. very nice , this is new to me,
    we are making agar agar nearly same,

  14. PAALA GUNDA (Milk powder) is Arrow root flour. A flour made out of Arrow root. Generally available in Orissa, Vizag, VZM. Known as Adavi Dumpa in Telugu. Not available in USA. Paala gunda is used to make Thimmanam or Paala munjulu. Paala munjulu is a solid form like pudding whereas thimmanam is a liquid form like Custard.
    --Priyanka Kolluru, CA, USA.

  15. Very Very Nice recipe and I came to know you from Charitha.
    I have some awards fro you(surprising)
    do visit my blog

  16. What is the name of "Palagunda" in Hindi, I would like to goto Indian shop and get it, most of the Indian shops run by Gujarati or Punjabi people, please let me know.

    1. Hi Vasant thank u very much for stopping by at my website.I dont know the name in hindi but we call it Arrow root in English.This we get in chineses stores.

  17. My mother used to make this...this is called Timmanam Palace Gunda. I do not know how it is made...but it is available in traditional kirana shops in andhra....we also use to make timmanam panakam which we use to eat with Attulu

    1. Hai sai yeah we too prepare timmalam which can be eat with attlu.Yeah this we get in kirana stores.i really love this with attlu.

  18. nave been looking for this recipe thankyou for sharing