Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to clean the smelt fish

Hai friends today i am coming with Smelt fish.For the first time i bought this fish.before i did not know about this fish.So first i give a call to my mom and i asked how to cook this fish She first asked me did they clean the fish .I told no.She asked me did they remove the head i told no.When i bought the fish we invited our friends to lunch i did not know how to clean the fish.My mom told to remove every head .But its lot of work to do.So i skip this curry and cook the next day.Atlast i know how to clean this fish. 1.First we have to defrost the fish.If we use fresh fish there is no need to defrost the fish.
2.Then take one fish and cut the head as i shown in the pic.

3.When removing the head one black string will also have to remove.
If it is not removed the fish tastes like bitter.So we have remove the black string.
4.Remove every head from the fish.Do all fish like this.
5.Now clean the fish with water and add some salt ,turmeric and apply to all the fishes.

6.Leave the fish aside for 5 minutes.
7.After 5 minutes clean the fish with water for 2 times.
*.Now the fish is ready to cook.

Soon come with the recipe.


  1. I love this fish,my mom fries it crisp(deep fried in oil)

  2. I love this fish fry..i do clean the same way too..

  3. nice post yarr..i love smelt fry n curry.i liked this yarr.good work..

  4. vinee
    usually we will get the cleaned one right..did u buy the fresh i hardly find that..anyway nice information

  5. Thank u very much Prani.I bought fresh one dear.