Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sweet corn Patties(Jonnapotta Acchulu)Version 1

Hai friends today i am coming with the sweet corn patties.This is version 1.This is easy and tasty.My husband love this.This we can eat like evening snacks.During rainy evening i love to have this snack.Ok lets go to the recipe.


Sweet corn -1 packet or u can use fresh corn
Rice flour-1 1/2 cup
sesame seeds-1/4 cup
dry red chillies-6
garlic flakes-2 to 3
jeera-1 tsp
mustard seeds-1/4 tsp
salt-acc to your taste
turmeric-little pinch
sugar or jaggery-1/2 tsp
oil-2 to 3 tsp

I am using the frozen sweet corn so first we have to defrost or cook for 1 minute in the oven.
In the mean time we have t prepare the batter.Grind all the above ingredients except the corn ,flour,saltand the oil.

After grinding take the mixture in the bowl and add the salt,flour ,corn to the paste and mix well.

Now place dosa pan and heat it .

Now take some mixture on hands and place then on the pan as shown in the pic.

Now spray some oil on it and cook this corn patties and heat it.
Now turn the patties to the other side cook it well.

After turning the corn on both sides take these on to the plate.This goes nice with the rasam rice or we can eat as appetizer.
Please give your valueable comments.


  1. Interesting recipe. New to me. Loved the patties,sure to try.

  2. Very nice and healthy patties.

  3. innovative and yummy, dear...healthy too

  4. Loved the spices in the patties with corn.

  5. Thank u very much chitchat.Try this u sure like it.

  6. Thank u very much for ur wonderful comment dear.