Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vegetable Soup(Healthy soup

Hai friends today i am coming with the Vegetable soup.Its also healthy soup.All age groups can have this soup.Mostly children love to take this soup because its very colourful to look and tasty to eat.In this soup i use red kidney beans if u like u can use black eyed beans or pinto beans.On that day i have red kidney beans in my hand.U can use freshly home cooked beans or canned beans.Ok lets go to the reciep.

Carrot(cut into cubes)-1 /2 cup
Peas-1/2 cup
Sweet corn-1/2 cup
Red kidney beans(boiled)-1 cup
Macroni (pasta)-1 cup
Olive oil-2 tsp
Salt to taste
Garlic-2 pods
Corn starch-2 tsp
Water -5 cups
Pepper to taste.

Method: First in a large glass bowl take carrot,peas,sweet corn,macroni in a bowl.

Add water and salt to it microwave it for 10 miutes.Keep this aside.

Now place one large deep bottomed pan and pour oil in it.

When it gets heat add the chopped garlic and pepper to it.

Fry for few seconds and add the cooke beans and mix well.

To this add the cooked vegetables and macroni along with the water if u want u can add more water.

To this add salt and make it boil.
In the mean time take corn starch in one cup add water and keep it aside.

When the mixture starts to bubble and the corn starch continously by mixing otherwise it forms like balls.By adding the corn starch it makes the soup little thick.

Again boil it for 1 minute and switch off the heat.

Now take this soup in the serving bowl and serve it hot.

Beans-If u like black eyed beans,pinto beans u can add.
U can use freshly cooked beans or u can use canned beans.
Vegetables-U can use the beans,spring onions,cabbage to it.
Sauce-If u want little spicy u can add the soy sauce.
Egg-If u want to add the egg u can take one egg and beat it well when we add the corn starch after that we have to add slowly by mixing the soup .It will be like egg drop soup.

Corn Starch-If u dont have corn starch in hand u can use corn flour,maida to it.


  1. Thank u Sailaja.Yeah its a whole meal.

  2. Wat a healthy and filling soup to enjoy..delicious!

  3. wow..looks colourfull and healthy soup dear....

  4. very healthy soup..Looks delicious
    well described good work..
    First time here have a wonderful blog..
    adding u to my blog roll

  5. Very very healthy and comforting soup. Loved the idea.

  6. Healthy delicious soup..
    thx. for sharing dear :-)

  7. Thank u very much Prani.Thank u very much for ur wonderful comment.