Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kodi Guddlu pulusu(Egg stew)

Hai friends today i am coming with Gudlu pulusu.We called it as egg gravy.This is one of famous dish in Andhra.Mostly andhra is famoues for Pulusu.This is one among it.This is very tasty curry which goes nicce with rice.I love it.Lets go to the recipe.

Boiled eggs-6(Make small cuts to the egg)
Green chillies few
Tamarind -lemon size
Chilli powder-1 tsp(app)
Salt to taste
Ginger garlic paste-1/2 tsp
Jagerry small piece
Oil -1 to 2 tsp
Cinnamon small piece


Wash  and soak tamarind in warm water. Watershould be 2 inches more than tamarind..
Place one small pan and heat it
.When it gets heat add little oil .
When it gets heat add the cut boiled eggs fry it.This we have to keep on turning the eggs and heat it.
When it turns to light brown take them out and keep it aside.
Place another deep bottemed pan and heat it add green chillies,turmeric and onions and fry on medium heat till they all turn into dark brown in color.
Now add tomatoes andginger garlic paste  mix well. Cook this until the tomatoes r done.
Now add tamarind pulp,chilli powder,Salt,Jaggery,whole masalas,curry leaves,turmeric and little water and make it boil.(By adding the curry leaves and whole spices at this time we get nice aroma)
When it starts to boil add the eggs and  cover the pan and allow to cook for abt 10 to 15 minutes or untill the eggs change its color from white to light brown. this is beacuse the pulusu gets inside the egg and gives nice taste to egg..
Finally transfer the pulusu to the serving bowl and garnish with the chopped coriander.
Serve hot with the steamed rice.


  1. vinee super dear..really delicious egg with chapathi..awesome.liked the last nicely presented..
    i used to prepare but donot saute the time try this one

  2. Vineela,\

    Egg curry looks really good. I used to make too.

  3. That looks yummy .. I love this simple egg curry.. I always adore ur step pictures dear. Hats off to ur patience.

  4. Delicious stew!!makes me hungry..

  5. delicious gravy....step by step photos are really great

  6. Final presentation pic looks cool...

  7. Thank u very much Prani.U guys r giving nice encouragemnt .Thank u very much.

  8. Thank u very much Krishnaveni.