Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dahi Vada(With left over punugulu)

Hai friends today iam coming with one famous dish called Dahi Vada.This one of  India's famous dish.My mom used to prepare this dish on Sancranthi.We love it with the combination of dry peas curry.Today i prepare this with left over punugulu.Last week i prepare more punugulu the next day i prepare like this.It came out good so i want to share with u guys.Lets go to the recipe.


Left over punugulu-1 cup
Curd-2 cups
Green chillies chopped-2
Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
Jeera-1/2 tsp
Dry red chilli pieces-few
Curry leaves-few
Oil-1 tsp
Salt to taste
Amchur powder-1/2 tsp
Coriander strings few


First we have to microwave the punugulu for 1 minute so that it turns to little soft so that curd goes into the punugulu and gives nice taste.
In the mean time we have to whisk the yogurt by adding little water and salt and keep it aside.
Now place small pan and heat it for tadka.
Add oil when it gets heat add the mustards seeds when it starts to pop add the jeera,dry red chilli pieces,curry leaves transfer this to the yogurt and mix well.
To this add the heated punugulu.
Finally garnish with the coriander leaves and the amchur powder.
Serve this with hot or cold.This can be taken with both the temperatures.
Serve this with chana curry it gives nice taste.

Get the Recipe for Punugulu here.

Get the recipe for Dry peas Curry here.

I hope u guys like it.Please give ur valueable comments.


  1. really delicious.dahi vada is one of my favorite..this is a good idea of preparing the leftover punugulu.let me check the punugulu recipe..
    Really yummy and delicious one

  2. Thank u very much Prani.Next time try this u like it.

  3. Vineela,

    Dahi vada looks really tempting. Nice to have a bowl now.

  4. I am first going to make Punugulu , then if something is left I will make this. Which chutney did u make to go with Punugulu???
    U said can made with Idli batter. how is that made??? Should we add curd in idli batter or just onions,coriander leaves and chillies????Pls reply so that I can make today evening.

  5. I love it ..looks tooo good and tempting... wonderful pictures as well...

  6. Thank u very much Swati.Have a bowl dear :)

  7. Thank u very much Suhaina.Sure will tell dear.

  8. ..i use lucerne,kirkland(costco)and O organics butter...the dahi vadas look delicious..nice step by step pics....good work dear..

  9. Umm yummy use of leftovers....this is so tempting

  10. Nice idea with leftovers.Loved the clicks.

  11. Wooow!!! nice recipe dear i like thayir vadai very much my faaaav one dear. well presented if u give me that bowl fully to me i will finish it all in one time.

  12. I cannot hold my taste bud when it comes to dahi vada.I don't like to remember the counts as well.Feel like grabbing all the vadas n finishing it right away vineela.

  13. lovely step-by-step procedures..loved dahi vada..

  14. Dear you are tempting me too much with these yummy vada's.. Pl parcel couple of the to me.

  15. Thank u very much for ur information dear.

  16. Thank u very much for ur information Sanyukta dear.

  17. Thank u very much satyadridhar sure u can have the bowl dear.

  18. Thank u very much San for the wonderful comment.

  19. Thank u very much Ann u can come to my house dear.

  20. Haiii dear,,how are you ter,,thanks for ur comment on my recipe regarding ur query on cake flour ,,yes dear its the maida.

  21. Thank u very much for ur information dear.