Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hai friends todai i am coming with kaaja (or madata Kaaja).This is one of andhra famous sweet.For many festival these sweet must be prepared .Before i thought that this sweet is very difficult but once i saw this sweet on TV during Degree 2nd year.First i tried with the help of my Mom.It came out good.Next after my marriage i tried with my self that time also it came out goo.On sunday we had gettogether so i prepare this sweet.It came out good.Now i am coming with this recipe.

maida-1 cup
sugar-1 1/2 cup
rice flour-3 tsp
baking powder-1 tsp
ghee or butter-2 tsp
water to mix the maida
oil - 3 cups


Sieve the maida then add the baking powder and the 1 tsp ghee and mix it with water like the chapathi dough.

Now prepare the chapathi with the dough .Here the chapathi should not be very thick and thin. Now apply ghee to the chapathi and sprinkle the rice flour to it and roll it(roll it like the floor mat).

Now keep the roll in horizontally and cut small small kajas like lenthwise.Do remaining dough like this.
In the mean time u have to prepare the syrup take a bowl add the sugar add water until the sugar dissolves boil it .(It should be like the syrup we made for Gulab jamun) The syrup should be warm untill we add the kaja's.
Now take the small kaja and press it with the rolling stick to big kaja shape.it must not be thin and thick.Do all like this.

Pour oil in the pan and heat it. Add the kajas and fry it untill it turns to golden brown.
Add the kajas to the syrup

After adding all the kajas to the syrup rest the kajas for 2 minutes and transfer them to another bowl.

I hope u all like the Kaja's.


  1. Yummy vineela,it is mouthwatering kajalu.Steps wise explaination chala bagundi.

  2. Thank u Shama for ur lovely comment.

  3. nice Kaaja....back home we too prepare the same way...

  4. Hi Vineela ,my first time here.Kajalu look very delicious.Nice step by step presentation.
    Visit my blog at your convenience.

  5. Looks delicious and love the step by step instructions.
    Do visit my blog when time permits.