Monday, March 16, 2009


Hai bloggers today i am coming with North Indians not only them everybody loves this sweet "rasmalai".My mom and husband both likes this sweet very much.So i got this recipe in by Sanjay Tumma.What a great chef explains each and every step.With help of that site i finally did this sweet.Now lets go to this recipe.


milk-4 cups
sugar-1 cup
elachi-2 to 3
water-5 cups
Badam and pista-1/2 cup
lemon juice-2 to 3 tsp



First take a deep sauce pan and add the 2 cups of milk and boil it in low heat by stiring wth the spoon.The milk should be come like cream.After boiling in low heat for 30 minutes then add 4 to 5 spoons of sugar to it.

Keep this aside now we have to make paneer.

First take 2 cups of milk and make it boil.Now in small cup take 2 tsp of lemon juice dilute with 2 tsp of water and add this to the boiling milk and mix it immediately the milk curdles.As soon as it curdles turn off the heat and drain it on the muslin cloth.

Now take the dry cloth and put the paneer in the cloth
Rub it along with the dry cloth so it take the excess water and makes nice paneer dough.or u can take the paneer and mash with ur the dough looks like this. with that paneer dough we have to prepare the rasgullas

Now for the syrup

now take the heavy bottomed pan and add 1 cup sugar to that add 5 cups of water make it boil

Now to the boiling sugar syrup add both the elachi all the rasgullas at once so that it gives nice aroma.
After adding all close the lid and boil for 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes it doubles the size
Now turn of the heat and take slowly to the another bowl with the syrup and make it cool.
Now take the cream in the serving bowl and slowly squeez the rasgullas and add to the milk. Add the chopped nuts to it and chill in the fridge for 2 hours.
After chilled serve the yummy yummy rasmalai.

I think u all guys go through my recipe and give the vlueable comments.


  1. Looks colorful and mouth watering vineela....

  2. lovely vineela.Yesterday i made rasgula from vahrehva.Yours looks mouthwatering.

  3. mmhhh Vineela nice Rasmalai...send me some quickly...I just love them and never tried doing them at home....u have put nice steps ...will try to do it.:)...good one

  4. Hai Varunavi

    Thank u for a lovely cooment


  5. Hai Shama

    Thank u for the comment


  6. Hai Vishali

    Thank u for a nice comment.Yeah for sure i will send.this is my second try for rasmalai.


  7. My mouths long since I had this sweet. Looks delicious and thanks for the step by step instructions. Would love to try this.

  8. Hai Poornima

    Thank a lot for such a lovely comment.


  9. Great post..Yummy rasmalais. You have explained so clearly with pictures. I would love to try this out :)

  10. Thank u for ur lovely comment pooja.

  11. Vineela,First time here..u have a lovely blog with nice step by step pictures..

  12. These are as beautiful to look at as they must be as yummy to eat.Great work! I love the way you have present this so beautifully! keep writing!
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